Stupid F*cking Movies

Spoiler alert i guess…

So this stupid f*cking movie called A star is born is stupid and I’m going to tell you why.


Bradley Cooper (the main character) gets drugged up and hangs himself using his belt and a ceiling fan.  He leaves his brother behind, as well as his wife who clearly loves him more than anything.  I’ll give the movie one thing, it does a good job portraying addiction.


The end of the movie is supposed to be beautiful.  In a movie review it literally says that the star is born in the end because “Ally at the end of the movie is just starting. What’s she going to create is going to be even bigger than what we’ve seen prior.” So what the point is that if the love of your life kills themselves it means your going to be able to write some really songs?  I don’t think she is going to give a sh*t about being a star anymore if she could have him back.

Then it says “…the human courage to persevere and to move forward. I just thought this was brilliant”  Yeah bloody f*cking brilliant.  It’s so easy she can just move on and have a great life and itll be beautiful.  Like he just kills himself and she sings a song and then it ends.  Like that’s it.  What about the fact she, no, everyone he’s ever connected with has to try to live the rest of their lives with this gaping f*cking hole in their heart.  Like the movie just gets to end, real life doesn’t work that way.


Suicide is ugly.  Suicide is brutal.  Suicide is forever.  Suicide hurts so many people.  Just thinking about suicide hurts so many people.  The movie industry has no idea about the impact it has on people.  Like how many more people are going to be thinking of killing themselves because of this movie?  How many more people are actually going to do it? This movie makes it seem like suicide is an answer.  It says she’ll be better off without him.  No person is ever better off after something like that.  Suicide is never an answer.  It is devastating.  And it is devastating that we could suggest that suicide is anything but ugly.  What about the people who can’t go home now because they don’t know what they would do?  You can’t put suicide into people’s minds like this.  You just can’t.

Stupid F*ucking Movie.




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20 something year old writing about an ever growing curiosity surrounding the presence of happiness.

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